Lost then Found

Do you hear me when I’m calling for You

Searching inside my heart for a Clue

To know that you are out there somewhere

And it wasn’t a lie, loving you, it was a True

Do you feel what’s going inside my Mind

Battles, wars and hurricanes that shatter the Ground

An unbalanced world of thoughts warning me

Of falling apart, and in the sunlight going Blind

For you I wrote so many Pages

You were there, inside me, for Ages

And now I think it’s the time for you

To set me free and destroy all those Cages

All my dreams were about your Eyes

Don’t tell me now they were Lies

Cause our dreams can show us the trusth

Can lift us to the Skies

You better show up now and give me a Hand

and don’t let me wander in misery Land

I can’t imagine my life without you

So come to me, and together up we can Stand

There will come a time when we remember the Day

When I was lost and going Astray

Then I met you and through your Eyes

I got lost again, but somehow I’ve found my Way