She Told Me

She came to me within a wave,
She told me to be patient, to be brave,

The secret of love is tangeled with marriage,
You only need some time, and a lot of courage,

Don’t stop now, cause in you I believe,
You are my world, the world I concieve,

It’s always the darkest part of the night,
The one before dawn, before the light,
And deep within you, there is a spark,
Repleted with faith, you need to ignite.

It’s time to wake up, time to run,
Time to stand up and touch the sun,
Time to work and get things done.

Don’t wait me to come, she said,
I’ll find you there, at the end,
I’ll take you hand

Who am I?

Who am I?

I’ve changed, I’m not me any more;
You tell yourself, while walking ashore,
Looking for the horizon, not knowing for sure,
Who you are, and where is the door,
That leads you to your Angel,
The One whom you adore.

You set sail leaving the land,
Hoping that tomorrow you’ll find a Hand,
That guides you tgrough, help you stand,
Once again, even in the deserts, even on the sand.