It’s a Fact I can’t deny

I’m not okay, and that’s a fact,
Everything around me says that,
My heart rhythm is not rising any more,
It’s going still, going flat!.

I don’t know what to do or where to go,
I feel so empty, my heart beats so slow,
It’s like my soul standing alone,
In the desert, while sand storms blow!.

My God help me to know,
The meaning of my life and show,
Me the way and don’t let me go,
Astray, and help me to stand, and up to grow.

Now I need to know whom really I,
To see the world with my own eye,
To breath again, to touch the sky,
It’s a pure pain when you have wings,
And yet you can not fly!!.

So this is how you feel?
You’re surrounded with people,
But you feel so alone,
You see their faces looking to you,
But they are like the unknown,
You breath the air,
But it’s heavy, like a stone?!!.

Yes, that’s how I feel for now
And It’s a fact, I can’t deny!