There and Back Again

There and Back Again

Once and back again, a voice whispered inside my soul,
Asking me questions I was avoiding, ignoring them all,

Where do you go when you have no place to stay,
No refuge, no shelter, when you’re the prey,
Of your doubts, your fears, when you can’t find the way!

When you lose your strength, you lose your will,
When you fall in the dark, you feel so ill!

I closed my eyes to see the world inside,
And from this world I’ve stepped aside,

And only then I heard her voice reaching to me,
And in the silence saying, these are my words to thee,

Speak up, dig deep in your mind,
Convey your feelings and don’t hide,
What’s buried in your heart,
There, on the other side.

Don’t be afraid of your inner voice,
Don’t hesitate and make up your choice.

Look in the mirror, look into your face,
See all the blesses around you, in every place.

See the sun out there, she rises every day,
She doesn’t give up, she doesn’t run away.

Live your life happily and forget the pain,
And always remember to smile,
Always, Once and Back Again…

Then the voice vanished like a wave on a lake,
Like a dream I’ve wished to hold, a hand I craved to take.

I opened my eyes looking up to the sky,
Wishing I could thank her, wishing I could fly.

Thank you my Angel, thank you my All,
Your words are beautiful, just like your soul…