A Season Out of Time

A Season Out of Time

On this land we live on,

There’s always a beautiful place to go,
With a different sky and a different sun,
A place filled with joy, and alot of fun,
Where time pass so slow,
And happiness in evey spot, just flow,
Where air is so light,
And colors are so bright,
Where your heart find it’s place and rest,
Happily, peacefullyn in your chest,
Like a dove in her nest.

And people are not much different of lands,
There’s always someone like no othere,
Not like a sister, nor like a brothere,
Whom you love at first sight,
Who keeps you awake, all night,
Who put a spark in your heart and burn it all,
Leaving you defendless, leaving you to fall!

You hit the bottom and all kinfds of joy appear,
You look around, and find the sun, so near,
Keeping you warmth, keeping you alive,
Even at the bottom, where no light can dive!

Then you dare to ask,
How can the sun fit in two eyes!,
The moon, the ocean and even the seven skies!
Can we feel heaven on this land we live on,
Can we feel all the worlds gathered in one!

Then a voice came from far away answering,
Leaving you like dreaming, leaving you wondering,
Love is not a piece you can seek and find,
It’s not a feeling that make you blind!
It’s a light guides you to work hard,
To be patient, to live and to start,
What have you forgotten, what youd left in the dark.

You ask the voice,
What about borders and bounderies,
What if we’re so far apart,
What if I fall for her, and she walk away,
If I told her: ILoveYou, and she answered: don’t play!

I couldn’t hear the voice answering,
But i felt no more lost, no more wondering,
I saw the words written on clouds like a flame,
Telling me to stand up, be who I am, with no shame,
Remembering me of a story, of my own,
Where he was up there and she missed Earth dawn,
When he loved her, but had not the courage,
To ask her to stay, To ask her for marriage.
So he hide himself, he ran away,
Wishing her to leave, not to stay,

She looked for him, follwed her love trace,
And there she found him, in that same place,
Where she first met him, and fall in love,
Where she felt alive, there, high and above.

She hold his hands and say with no words,
For yoy my angel I’ll leave my worlds,
I’ll leave them behind me, I’ll forget them all,
I’ll stay here beside you, I’ll give you my soul.

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