She won’t leave

One day or another,

She’ll come to my life,
And She won’t leave.
She’ll shake my world,
And make me believe,
I was right to wait her,
I wasn’t that naive!.

One day or another,

Her light will touch me so deep,
She’l wipe all those tears I’ve weeped,
She’ll rise me to stand up again,
To feel alive, and forgetb all the pain.

One day We together,

Will cherich every moment we live,
And for her all my all I’ll give,
I’ll tell her I love you so much,
I’ve always missed your touch,
You don’t know how much you mean to me,
But from now on, you’ll know and you’ll see,
Before you my life was so dark,
I was looking for light, for a spark,
Then you came, you’ve egnited my life,
You’ve become my everything, my beautiful wife 🙂

One day or another,
We will Stay Together, For Ever.


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