So Fragile


Life is so fragile,
And we are so weak.
In every day we struggle,
In every thing we seek.

Life is too short,
And we want to live long.
Fighting for things we don’t need,
Forgetting where we belong.

Life looks so unfair,
And we hate it to be so.
Thinking of it as a place to stay,
Like no where else to go.

Life is so beautiful,
When you believe,
You are a passenger,
Not someone who live,
His life waiting to die,
Taking all he can, forgetting to give.

And in this life live with no fear,
Of losing someone who was so near,
To your soul, who was so dear,
He will come back if it was meant to be,
His face you’ll see, his voice you’ll hear.

Life is so fragile,
Life is too short,
We are passengers,
And it’s our way home.

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