And yes, we live in a War

And yes, we live in a war!
and don’t ask me how it feels,
’cause you will never understand,
how you can’t imagine tomorrow,
or how you barely live the day,
when all you have is memories,
and what has passed away.

And yes we lost those whom we love,
and don’t ask me how or when,
they just are gone away,
and now we live on a fading hope,
a hope that’s almost gone,
O my lord we are falling in the dark,
help us see the light, cherish our hope,
help us stand to live a day,
when we are all back together again,
with those whom we love, oh my lord.

Only war can show you what people really are,
like fire and flames, it unveils men’s hearts,
and throw it you can see beyond skin and flesh,
you’ll know what really people live for,
what they like and what they adore.

Through war you’ll know whom you really are,
even though you feel like a piece of wreckage,
floating on a stormy ocean, drifting astray,
remember what she once told you,
your wreckage will build you up again,
and through the storm, you’ll find your way.

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